Dr. Scary - Impossible Guitar Parts


 Dr. Scary is one of the most intense and over the top shredders in the Michigan area. The Doctor has played in numerous bands since learning to play guitar, including releasing an original cd with the band “Slap Maggy” and another instrumental CD of his own material called “Damage”, to which he is the very proud owner of nearly every copy in existence. Other projects include Groove Tribe and “Mr. Crowley”, an Ozzy Osbourne tribute band that was thrown out of nearly every reputable night club on the west coast. He has had the privilege of opening for national acts such as the Bullet Boys, Mr. Big, Sponge, Crossfade, Dope, Filter, Circus Diablo and many others. But nothing could have possibly prepared him for the absolute madness of HairMania. Despite the fact that he had devoted many hours of practice and sacrificed many things in his life to perfect his craft, he found himself playing with a bunch of guys who wanted to dress him in shiny pants, fishnet arm bands and other frilly things. Instead of appreciating the Doctors influence's ( Yngwie Malmsteen , Joe Satriani , Steve Vai & Randy Roads just to name a few) … they force fed him with the enticing visual images of Dolce & Gabbana, Fredericks of Hollywood, and various underground leather shops in questionable areas of many metropolitan cities. Despite his initial protests, The Doctor soon found out these guys could actually PLAY their instruments, and were actually more than just style over substance. Not much more, but at least a little bit. ( by some accounts, it is believed that it was probably that somewhat busty women the boys hired that finally convinced him to join the fold, but either way, it worked out pretty good.   :)   The Good Doctor is endorsed by S.I.T. Strings , Guitarheads Pickups , Halo Guitar's , Steve Clayton Guitar Picks, Turbotrem and Rockstarwear. This, of course, not only saves him tons of money in annual equipment purchases, but clearly makes him the object of great envy amongst the rest of the band who must still pay retail. And oh yeah. He kinda Kicks Ass.

The Doctor can choose any pick he wants.  And his choice is Clayton.  Durable, consistent, and available in custom designs, they let him shred with STYLE.

Check them out at www.steveclayton.com
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