M.K. RoXXX- Master Beater

MK has been hanging around the REAL musicians in HairMania since the beginning of the band.  He was originally discovered while delivering pizza for a local purveyor of Italian cuisine and laying down some major funky rhythms on the screen door of Trixxy Gunnz.   Hoping that this budding young prodigy could somehow translate his incredible groove from doorway to drum set, Gunnz decided to give him a try.   This was a decision that would dramatically alter Trixxy's life, as MK was not easily tamed nor agreeable on nearly every subject known to the human race. 

Though given ample opportunity to join what is easily the most successful and ass-kicking 80's tribute band EVER to come out of Tuba City AZ, this enigma of man has repeatedly been unwilling to make any long-lasting commitment, obviously due to his extremely flakey nature and complete lack of direction. Instead, he prefers to show up every so often to shows here and there, fully expecting to be ushered to the stage with much fanfare and rejoicing,  only to disappear into the depths of wherever the hell he is from ( we never have got a straight answer out of him ) until he decides he is ready again.   He has no concept of volume control.  He constantly breaks cymbals, sticks, and the occasional heart of a misguided admirer who believes him to be something beyond the knuckle dragging neanderthal we all know and .... ahem.... tolerate 

He thinks he's being mysterious.   We think he is being stupid.

Either way.....

He's MK.  And you're not.