J.J. Rockit- Synths-Pianos-Vox

After some digging and anonymous tips, details of JJ’s past are coming to light.  He hails from the continent of Antarctica.  Growing up, JJ aspired to be a pro hockey player.  However at the age of 15, he realized that he just was not pro hockey material.  So he decided to join the Cobra Kai mini mite hockey league as an enforcer.  There, he would face off against 6 and 7 year olds (clearly a man among boys).  All was fine until he injured and entire opposing team during a bench clearing brawl over Capri Sun juice pouches.  The league called in Interpol and it was decided that JJ would enter into the witness protection and relocation program.  He was going to the wildest place on earth, where only organized chaos ruled the streets…  America! 

So, JJ packed up the contents of his igloo including a broken Rubix cube (with missing stickers), a tiny Casio keyboard, and bid farewell to the 18 mile extension cord that powered his small town.  He was headed off to Tuba City to pursue his second passion, a career in music.  If he couldn’t tear it up on the ice, he was going to do it on the stage!  Once there, he found the wildest hard rock tribute band Tuba City had to offer and, on a dare, decided to crash a rehearsal.  After melting down the “Jump” solo and finishing off a half drank bottle of tequila, JJ was ushered in as HairMania’s new keyboard player.

The rest they say….is history.